Why the Chamber of Commerce

Why should you invest in the Chamber?

Your investment in the Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce is important both to your business and the community.

Your investment:

  • helps to fund chamber activities through the running of the local chamber office
  • keeps information about our village and its businesses current
  • provides you with a "voice" in the community on important issues that affect your business
  • promotes cooperative interaction and networking opportunities for your business

Three divisions of the Chamber provide additional benefits.

Our bylaws reflect the pro-active direction the Chamber is taking to add additional benefits for investors. The bylaws include three divisions of the Chamber: Economic Development, Investor Benefits and Pro-active Business Voice. These divisions will enable the Chamber to continue offering valuable services.

Economic Development: The Economic Development division is responsible for helping to stimulate the economy in Bluffton. Our management of the Spring Festival: Special Places, Outdoor Spaces and the late Fall Festival: Blaze of Lights, tourism efforts, group advertising and information on our local community are all responsibilities of this division.

Investor Benefits: The main goal of the Investor Benefits division is to give a return on the investment our members make in the Chamber. By joining together, the Chamber hopes to reduce overhead and advertising costs of local business through group buying of commodities. This will help to put money back into the hands of investor members, making your investment in the Chamber well worth its cost. See "Why Join the Chamber?" for a more detailed listing of these benefits.

Pro-active Business Voice: Now, more than ever, your views must be made known to government officials. Opening the door between local, county and state government officials and Bluffton businesses is the main goal for the Pro-active Business Voice division. Through providing up-to-date information, the division will help keep investor abreast of important legislation that affects our businesses.